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I was Tinkerbell for Halloween. Halloween was not really a big hit with me this year. I only went Trick or Treating at one house - Great Gran and Harry's. They loaded my pumpkin up with candy though. I wasn't too fond of my costume, as you can probably tell from this first picture. I finally decided it wasn't too bad. When we got home from Great Gran and Harry's, I looked out the window of the car and pointed and said 'Candy!', but no one on our street was doing Trick or Treating, so we just went inside. Some people probably think my mommy is crazy for making me a costume that I hated so that I could wear it for 45 minutes, but she says making my costumes makes her happy. She did say that next year I should be old enough to really enjoy Halloween and pick out what I want for my costume, so hopefully, I will be a much happier camper next year. My Aunt Bebe and Uncle Michael came to see me yesterday. It was so good to see them and they got to see me in my costume. I love you!