Hurricane Day
The day that Hurricane Katrina struck, Mommy was off of work and Daddy was out of school. My school was closed, too, so we just stayed at home and rode out the storm. The winds blew about 60 miles per hour and I loved watching the trees. I told Mommy, 'Outside go boom!'.

About 8:00 Monday morning, our power went out. I was not happy because I couldn't watch the Diggles and it was hot. After about five minutes, I went and told Mommy that I was not happy. I put my arm up to my forehead and said, 'Mama, hot!'. She just laughed and said something about Scarlett O'Hara. That day was the day I finally decided that I wasn't scared of my vacuum cleaner - I guess if you can ride out a hurricane, how scary can a little plastic vacuum be?

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