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What A Croc

Susu Sings Sound Of Music

Abbie Six Months

Glamour Girls

Baby Of Mine

Abbie's New Trick

Simon Says

Abbie Giggles

Where is Blakie, Ruby, Emmie, Susu?

Christmas Pictures

Abbie Plays in her bouncie seat

Susu talks about Abbie and Daddy

Abbie Swinging

Abbie says hi to Ruby

Abbie says hi to Emmie

Gracie says thanks for her popsicle

Gracie pretends to be Little Orphan Annie and sings Tomorrow

Gracie sings Happy Birthday

I Love Jesus


It Bit My Head

Roll Tide!

Beanie's induction into the NJHS

Gracie playing at the water park in Malbis, Alabama(6.4mb)

Eating a Brewster's Baby Ice Cream Cone(4.0mb)

Gracie slides down the water slide at the pool (1.6mb)

Playing Ring Around The Rosies with Aunt Cindy, Mariah, and Rae Ellen(4.0mb)

Painting (mostly with my hands) (2.8mb)

Playing Play-Doh Hats With Mommy (3.2mb)

Off Road Cousin Racing - Memphis Track - 2005 (6.8mb)

Gracie Playing Peekaboo 2005 - What a difference a year makes! (4.29mb)

Gracie Playing Peekaboo 2004 (2.78mb)

Gracie parrots everything Mommy says(11.8mb)

Gracie And Daddy Share A Strawberry(10.9mb)

Ruby takes Gracie for a ride on the Barbie Jeep(4.0mb)

Looking for recipes in the Betty Crocker cookbook -(9.7mb)

These Animal Cookies are all Mine!-(3.6mb)

Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee -(6.5mb)

May 21st -(42.7mb - Video Slideshow)

Firetruck (1.7mb)

Playing in the sprinkler(2.2mb)

Itsy Bitsy Spider (1.5mb)

Gracie "reading" her favorite book (3.3mb)

Swimming in the little pool (3.1mb)

Gracie Waving - .avi test (3.7mb)