A long, long time ago, when my Mommy was a little girl, my Grandmommy started making Pumpkin Cookies for Halloween. Every year since then, at least one person in our family has made Pumpkin Cookies in October. Each child that is born in our family gets to help make the cookies. My cousins Blakie, Ruby and Emmie have all helped make them. This year, I got to help Mommy make them. (She said that last year I was too little!). Megan, Beanie, Mariah, Ray Ellen and Aunt Cindy all came over last weekend to help me decorate them. We had so much fun, although we did more eating the candy corn and M&M's than decorating with them. Once we finished, we played on my swingset. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. I'm so glad that my Grandmommy started the Pumpkin Cookie tradition all those years ago!
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