Waterville, USA
On Monday, Gracie was out of school because of a teacher work day. Steve was off to study for his boards, so I took the day off, too, and we headed to Waterville. We were a little skeptical about going since Gracie did not have much fun last year. Well, we shouldn't have worried - it was worth every penny that we spent. Gracie had a ball! Her favorite part (which I didn't get any pictures of because I was in the water with her) was the lazy river. Only, it wasn't lazy for her - she swam the whole way, kicking her feet and dog paddling her arms. She'd only let us hold on to her by the very edge of her bathing suit. She kept telling us she could 'do it all by myself! Let me go!' She enjoyed the slides in the little kid section, too. She asked if she could go down one of the big, humongous slides and Steve told her no (the thing was like 100 feet tall) that it was for big kids and she said, 'I a big kid!'
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