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Where’s My Mummy?

Last year Abigail developed a deep and abiding love of mummies.  It all started with this book:

It really is a cute little book.  Digression Alert: It has the word tromped in it which I just love   Some words just trip off my tongue and that’s one of them.  End digression!  She loves to read this over and over and over again and has it completely memorized.  (In the for what it’s worth department for all of you with AR readers, it’s an AR book, so in our house it killed two birds with one stone).

In keeping with the mummy love around here, last October we started making Mummy Dogs.  I saw these in a Pillsbury Halloween magazine and knew they’d be a hit with my little goblins. The recipe called for Puff Pastry, but I used Crescent Rolls the first time we had them and they were so good, I’ve never tried the Puff Pastry!  Just cut the crescent rolls into strips, wrap them around a hot dog mummy-style, leaving room for a “face” and bake according to the crescent roll instructions.  Dot mustard on for the eyes after they come out of the oven (unless you’re Abigail, then use ketchup for the eyes, but that’s a little too ghoulish, even for me! )  And there you have it:  A Mummy Dog fit for a Mummy Lover!



Now, let me tell you about the Little Mummy doll.  Earlier this fall (okay, that’s a joke…we have no fall here…earlier this summer), I saw this awesome 5-foot tall dancing mummy doll at Michael’s.  Abigail absolutely loved it.  I flirted with the idea of getting it for her, but at $79.99, even with a 40% off coupon, I just couldn’t justify it.  Even if Abigail was amazingly adorable when she asked me to get it.  A few weeks later we were in CVS picking up paper clips (long story) and I spied this much smaller version of the same dancing mummy.  $14.99 on sale for $9.99.  Score!!!!  It came home with us and the fact that it’s small enough for her to tote around has been a plus.  It plays Thriller and dances just like Michael Jackson did in the video.


The real bonus:  watching my 4-year-old mimic the dancing moves.  Michael Jackson she is not.  I don’t think mummies are typically used as a comedic prop, but in this case…well, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

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