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Mardi Gras is a pretty big deal around here.  This year, we had a lot going on and didn’t make it to any parades except for this one at  Abigail’s preschool.  It was supposed to be in front of the community center, but the weather was rough, so we had it in our newly re-opened sanctuary.  Yes, that would be one of the things I love about our church – the sanctuary was closed for several months for repairs and the first event that was held in it after it reopens was a preschool Mardi Gras parade!

Abigail was, of course, ridiculously cute.  And I can add reason number 425,000,000 to why I love my Silhouette cutting machine.  She’d been sick the entire week and I only remembered thirty minutes before school that she was having the parade.  I wanted her to have something festive to wear (like that matters. at all. but I am me which means ten minutes before we needed to leave I was grasping at straws) and luckily I found an old purple shirt of Gracie’s.  I pulled out my Silhouette, found a mask design, pulled out some white transfer material, and voila!  a Mardi Gras t-shirt.  kind of….


The parade may not have had huge floats or moon pies or marching bands, but it definitely made up for that in sheer sweetness.


I love this bead-throwing girl!

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