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We celebrated my youngest niece’s third birthday this weekend at my grandfather’s farm.  It was a fantabulous day and the party was over-the-top adorable.  I have tons of pictures and tons of words but no energy tonight.  I have a cold and I’ve run from pillar to post back to pillar today.  But, as I was looking through all the images from the weekend, this one made me smile and I wanted to share it.  It makes me happy to look at it.  You know for all my talk about taking pictures to preserve memories and to have a documented history for my girls, the truth is, the real reason I take pictures is for moments like these.  On my best days my pictures make me happy.  But, on my worst days, they add a ray of joy to even the greyest of hours.  Yep, the memories, and the history, and the legacy are all wonderful amazing things.  The joy, though, when I need it most, is the reason my camera is always close.

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