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Sweet, Sweet Summer

This may well be my favorite day of the year.  The day after school gets out for the summer.  The day my babies are home with me, returned to me again at the end of a long, amazing but tiring, school year.  The day when the whole entire summer shines brightly before us, full of promise and hope and all kinds of fun.

I love summer with my girls; I truly do.  I still work during the summer and I know this sounds strange, but it’s much easier for me to work when the girls are out of school.  People always assume that I’m nuts when I say that.  But, during the summer, I tend to have longer chunks of uninterrupted time to work – the girls sleep later, there are no extracurricular activities.  Everything just seems to run more smoothly.

I’m already enjoying this summer!

Abigail has spent the last few days running through the sprinkler while Gracie finished school.  (There are certain advantages to being in preschool)


Yesterday, Gracie had only a half a day of school (you can see her excitement in the top picture!). It’s always bittersweet to pick her up in car line on the last day – I can’t believe she’s half way through elementary school!

Then, the girls each had a birthday party to attend.  Abigail went to hers with her friend and her friend’s  mom and I took Gracie and her friend to the theirs – divide and conquer folks!

Gracie’s party was at the beach…what  a perfect way to unwind on the last day.  It was a luau party…too cute!


When the parties were finished, the girls and I came home and they spent an hour in the pool.  Then, Steve took us all out to dinner at Waffle House.  We talked about how proud we are of both the girls and how hard they worked this year.  We talked about our plans for the summer.  Both girls agreed that what they want to do most is try surfing.  I guess a surfboard rental is in our near future!



Today, the girls spent hours in the pool and a little while catching up on Redwall on Netflix.  They are slightly sunburned and tired and sparkly-eyed.  I can’t think of a more perfect way to start the summer….

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