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She’s Back

Okay, I realize that I could be talking about myself since I haven’t been here in a while.  But, I’m actually talking about our elf, Angelina Selena.

She’s back from the North Pole, ready to spread a little Christmas cheer and more than a little Christmas mischief.  Last year, she brought snow and a mini ice skating rink for her friends, cleaned up the girls’ bedroom one day, painted on the bathroom mirror, made a huge mess in the kitchen, and even brought north pole seeds that grew into lollipops.  I can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve this year!  She’s sporting a new skirt from Claus Couture.  I thought it might be because her old skirt was getting a bit tattered, but Abigail says it’s because her old one was getting too small because she sneaks so many of our snacks.  Come to think of it, she does look just the tiniest bit plumper than she did last year!

This morning, she was sitting on the girls table when I woke up, so after welcoming her back from the North Pole, I put together a little Welcome Back Breakfast.  It was fairly simple and the girls woke up before I finished putting everything on the table, but they were thrilled with their Snowman Kisses (powdered doughnuts), Reindeer Treats (peanut butter balls) and Elf Snacks (mini pancake sausage rolls).  I much prefer spending my morning like this than with the masses of humanity crowding Target and Wal-Mart.  That many people scare me!


Abigail is so excited that Angelina Selena is back for another year!

This little guy is hanging over our front door.  I just couldn’t resist him!  Talking French Mistletoe!  He says things like “In France, we do everything in French…do you know what I mean?”   “I wish you a merry Kissmas so pucker up now!”  all in a totally cheesy French accent.  I love him!  And, he makes Steve laugh, so that’s a definite bonus!

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