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Santa, Camels, and Pictures {December Daily 2012 | Day 1}

You know Ali Edwards, right?  Well, maybe not.  But if you’ve ever been part of a scrapbooking community, you probably do.  (Steve, if you’re reading this, she’s like the Nick Saban of the scrapbooking world).  Anyway, she does this December Daily album every year where she documents the moments of her family’s life throughout the month.  And, as with just about everything she does, a gazillion people jump on the bandwagon and do it, too.  I’m one of the bandwagoners (is that a word?  No?  Okay then, sheep…I’m one of the sheep).  Or at least I’m kind of one of the sheep.  I have a cute little red and white album for my memories, and a few Christmas scrapbook supplies (okay, more than a few).  I even researched where to print my pictures in 5X5 size so they fit in my album.  I’ve done all of that.  But the realistic odds of me actually sitting down and creating an album page each night in December?  Slim to none, leaning heavily toward none.  The beauty of this season is that it’s filled with wonderful memories and time with amazing people.  The truth of this season is that I rarely have extra time to scrapbook and honestly, I’d like to spend any extra time I have enjoying the moments that will make memories and spending even more time with the amazing people in my life.  So, scrapbooking time is at a minimum.  But, I do want to remember these days.  What a conundrum!  So, where’s what I’ve decided to do (read try and do).  I’m going to do my December Daily entries here.  Then, when I do have a little time, I’ll sit down and create my album pages from the blog entries.  Great idea, right?    So, after that long explanation, here’s my first December Daily!



December 1st

Today was a long day!  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to finish a little work leftover from the week and to try and make the girls t-shirts for Breakfast with Santa.  I picked out this cool design with some words in the shape of a Christmas tree.  It was an epic failure.  So, I switched to a simple swirly tree design and managed to finish them ten minutes before I had to leave to for a 6:45 a.m. beach photo session.   Just as I was walking out the door, I heard Gracie in her bedroom squealing, “Abigail!   LOOOOOOOKKKKK!!!  Angelina Selena is flying around our room on the ceiling fan!”  I had to laugh out loud…that crazy elf of ours!

I left for my beach session and  I got to spend about an hour with three generations of a wonderful family, enjoying the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.  Not a bad way to start the month!  Once I finished, I met Steve and the girls at the church for Breakfast With Santa.  I realized this is the fifth year we have gone – Abigail was barely two the first time we went!



Oh my goodness!  My babies are growing up!

This year, the theme was Angels; the crafts were so cute!


After Breakfast with Santa, we headed over to Summerdale, Alabama to the Fish River Trees to pick out a Christmas tree.  We found a beautiful tree:

Gracie’s choice for tree won the vote and Abigail was a little sad, so I told her she could pick out the wreath for our front door.


I’m not really sure about the juxtaposition between Christmas trees and camel rides, but, believe it or not, there was a ring there where you could actually ride a camel.  Abigail wanted so badly to ride but Gracie was having none of the idea of riding a 50 foot tall smelly animal.  I could see the conflict warring on Abigail’s face – she really, really wanted to ride but was just a little too scared to do it alone.  She begged Steve to ask if grown-ups could ride and when they said yes, it was Daddy to the rescue.

Abigail was a little freaked out by the motion of the camel and I think the height scared her, too, but once they’d been around the ring a few times, she relaxed and enjoyed herself.  I think knowing Steve was right behind her made all the difference.

We ended our time at the farm with a train ride around the property.  It was cool to see all the different types of Christmas trees they had growing.  Abigail enjoyed the candy cane that the conductor gave her (well, she enjoyed about two licks of it and then she handed it to me!  Joy!)

After we left the farm, we stopped by Waffle House for lunch.  I tried a Pumpkin Spice Pancake which was delicious!  I love this picture – only in the South!

I rounded out the day by afternoon pictures of some of our friends on their dock.  Steve rounded out the day by watching the SEC championship (and yelling at the TV – a lot of yelling at the TV).  The girls rounded out the day with a sleepover with two of their friends.  What a wonderful, crazy, busy start to our December!


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