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Cool Things We’ve Done–Valentine’s Day

So, I find all these awesome things on Pinterest and on craft and food blogs that I read and in magazines at the check-out line in Publix.  I don’t try all of them (really, I’d have to be ten people with five lifetimes each to be able to complete even of 1/3 of the things I’d like to try).  But, the girls and I do try new things each month.  Sometimes, they turn out wonderfully and sometimes, well not so much (see these).  I thought I’d start posting my results with our experiments, mostly so you can see what happens when real people attempt some of the crafts/recipes that are all over the web and in magazines.

Last year, the girls and I made their school Valentines.  I can’t tell you how much fun we had making them and I got the added bonus of having willing participants for a mini photo session so we could get the pictures for Gracie’s cards.


I found the idea for Abigail’s cards at Family Fun.  They were fairly straightforward.  The hardest part was finding the shovels.  I found them at Giant Party Store.  They turned out cute and Abigail enjoyed helping to make them.

I found the idea for Gracie’s cards here.  I showed them to Gracie and she was so excited to try them.  So, after ballet one day, I changed the girls into their heart shirts and we tried to get just the right picture at the right angle.  The trick is to make sure that your little valentine is holding her hand out far enough that you get the illusion of depth and also make sure that her hand is not in front of her face.  Luckily, we got this one:

Then, it was just a matter of printing them out at 4X6 and cutting a slit for the the sucker to go through.  We mounted them on card stock to give them a little more stability.  This was our end result.


Gracie was thrilled to take those cards into school.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way they turned out.  Sometimes, trying new things ends up with great results!  I’m not sure what we’re going to do this year for Valentines.  I think it will be hard to top last year’s, but I have a couple of ideas that might work!

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