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This winter has been unbelievably mild.  Granted, it’s not like we have harsh winters here anyway, but even by our standards, we’ve had unseasonably warm weather.  Right now, I’m sitting on the couch with the doors open and the sun streaming through the windows.  We’ve had a day or two of sub-sixty degree weather, but for the most part, the temp has hovered around seventy.  The girls seem to find peace and comfort at the beach just like I do, so we’ve spent a lot of time walking the shore and playing in the water over the last couple of months.  (They play in the water a  lot more than I do…even with seventy degree weather, the water still feels chilly to me!)


After piano lessons a couple of weeks ago, we headed down to the pass and played on the rocks.  This is one of their favorite places to go.  I enjoy it……the beach feels massive here because there’s water on both sides.  It makes me feel really small and insignificant which I firmly believe is good for your soul.  Because if you feel small and insignificant, how can your problems be anything but small?  This time of year, the beach is pretty much deserted, a true secret paradise.

Enough talking…here are the pictures form our outing…I think we’ll be heading out again very soon!






Looking west across the pass…



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