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I feel aimless this morning….I don’t feel well and my mind is overrun with thinking about all kinds of things, both good and bad.  Are you that way?  When you have so many things to do, you’re not sure where to start so you just don’t start anything?  This week has really thrown me for a loop.  We’re still trying to jump through hoops with doctors to get Gracie some help with her focusing problems.  I’m crazily nervous about Abigail’s surgery in a couple of weeks.  I’m trying to figure out how we’re going to juggle plumbers and contractors and large amounts of upheaval.  But, in ten days, the girls start Spring Break and I’m taking the entire week off of work.  I am so excited that I’m counting the hours!  So, those are the things that are floating around in my head.  I actually took a nap this morning, something I can count on one hand the times that I’ve done in my adult life.  It felt good and I’ve felt slightly less aimless this afternoon.

I’m rambling and this probably sounds very stream of consciousness but that’s the way my brain is working today, apparently!

I’ve started Project 365 at least four times in the last five years.  And, generally I make it through the first three or four months taking pictures and only the first few weeks documenting the pictures and printing them out.  I realized last year that this is completely okay.  Yes, I fail at the project.  epically.  But, here’s the thing, I have at least a few weeks out of our year documented.  And that is better than nothing.  So, just call me the Slacker Project 365er!  So, in that vein, I started again this year.  And, knock on wood, with my new “embrace the failure” attitude, I’m doing better than I have most years!  I’m using Weeds and Wildflowers Every{day} Life Pages.  I’m enjoying it because I don’t really have to think about photo layouts or embellishments at all.  All I have to do is drag the pictures in and journal.  Years ago, I would have thought this was cheating.  What can I say?  I was an idiot – I missed the point entirely!  This makes it so much easier and I’m actually accomplishing something!  And, strangely enough, I’m scrapping other pages because I’ve freed myself up from worrying about Project 365 pages.  I remember someone somewhere saying long ago that if scrapbooking became too much like work then you were doing something wrong.  And, that’s where I was for a long time….it felt like a chore…  But, between the Every{day} Life Pages and switching to using 3-ring binders for my albums so I don’t have to scrap chronologically, I’m actually enjoying this hobby of mine again.

Anyway, how this for a random post!  Here are a few of my 2012 Every{day} Life layouts…I’ve even had a few printed already and they’re in my album.  Hooray for doing something that doesn’t feel aimless!

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