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Wish We Were Here

I have pictures from the first day of school.  I just haven’t pulled them off the camera card, partly because I can’t find my card reader and partly because I’m exhausted.  Monday was crazy.  Seriously, it took me all day Sunday to get ready for Monday and I realized that I didn’t have all day Monday to get ready for Tuesday.  I know this first week is going to be difficult – the first week back to school always is for me.  No amount of planning and organizing seems to make it easier – it’s a pivotal shift for us from summer to school –  we generally operate without a schedule at all during the summer…the girls stay up late, they sleep late, we don’t have regular meal times, we rarely plan anything.  And school…well, school is the antithesis of that.  Schedules and rules and more rules and more schedules.  It’s good for all of us, I know.  But, it just takes me a week or so to get back into the swing of things.   I was starting to think we might settle in a little earlier this year.  Steve is helping me. so. much.  He’s making the girls’ lunches and is taking them to school most mornings, allowing me a little extra work time and time to take a walk in the mornings.  Yesterday, by 8:05, I had worked three hours, walked two miles, had my shower and my Diet Dr. P and was just getting ready to sit back down to work again.  I thought, “Wow!  Maybe we can do this!”.  Then, I got a text from Gracie’s teacher.  Gracie got sick in her classroom and was in the nurse’s office.  I grabbed my keys and went to pick her up.  Steve and I thought it might just be a case of nerves since she seemed better once we got home.  Until about 2:30 when the stomach bug hit her in full force.  I felt so bad for her – she is woefully ill-equipped for the stomach bug – she rarely gets sick!  So, she’s home with me today and our schedule that lasted all of one day is completely off.  She seems to feel much better this morning, so I guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

This picture above is Gracie going down the water slide at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear.  We went to visit our friends the Hockenberrys there before they left for three years for Italy.  I wish we were there….back in the tail end of summer, back with our friends who we miss dearly!  .

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