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I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.   {Walt Whitman}

Gracie’s two best friends moved this summer.  So did Abigail’s.  So did two of my best friends.  It was not an easy summer on any of our hearts.  Gracie’s best girl friend moved to Illinois in June.  They have been friends since they were three years old.   Abigail’s best friend is Gracie’s best friend’s little sister.  So, I guess they’ve been friends since they were a year old.   June was full of a lot of tears from all of us.  I am thankful for texting and FaceTime and Facebook and basically any technology that has the word face in it.

Gracie and Abigail’s best boy friend moved in August, headed to Italy.  Mason was in Gracie’s kindergarten class, so they have been friends for three years.  He is the brother my girls never had.  To watch the three of them together makes my heart smile.  Gracie and Mason are kindred spirits.  She could be having the worst day and not know where to turn and spending time with him would calm her and just settle her world.  She is going to miss him so very much!   Abigail just loves him, like she’d love an older brother.  Her eyes have filled with tears on more than one occasion since he left.  “Mommy, I just miss Mason so much!”.

My prayer is that all of our friends will be back here in the years to come, that my children will be reunited with the amazing kids who have been such an important part of their lives, and that one day, I will be able to hug my dear friends for real instead of just virtually through cyberspace.  In the meantime, it somehow helps to know that pieces of our hearts are spread out all over this amazing world, that our love travels over oceans and continents, and that friends are close no matter how far they may be.

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