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World’s Largest Inflatable Slide

Last month, the girls and I headed up to Memphis to spend a week with Ruby, Emmie, my sister and brother-in-law.  It was an awesome, fun-filled week.  We did a few things we always do (the Children’s Museum and the zoo) but we also got to do a few things we’ve never done before.

A few weeks before we were up there, this slide appeared on Highway 64 in front of a gas station.  It advertises itself as the World’s Largest Inflatable Slide.  I don’t know if that’s factual or not, but you can see the thing from the interstate, so it’s big!  It’s a Hippo Slide and is 36 feet tall and 175 feet long – definitely big enough for four little girls to have an awesome time sliding!


They spent a good two hours climbing up and sliding down in an array of formations…individually, two at time, back to back, holding hands, on their knees.  You name it, they tried it.  It was great to keep them all entertained (particularly Abigail!) for a while.  I even got to read a few pages of my book!





I love the look of joy on my baby’s face!


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