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The Randomness of My Days

Sometimes, I’m amazed at how completely disjointed the things I do each day seem to be.  Yesterday, I woke up and did a little work.  My company, amazing as they are, gives us a Family Holiday for the day after Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for that.  I have a report that needs to be run daily, so I needed to log in for just a few minutes to start it.  Then,  the girls helped me make a chewy chess pie for their Uncle Craig.

Then the girls rode their bikes down to a friend’s house to play while I finished packing for our trip to New Orleans.  When they came back, we did a little work on Gracie’s Science Fair project.  Her experiment is what type of bread will grow mold the fastest.  I can honestly say I never thought I would hang bags of bread with pink polka dot shipping tape in my bathroom window. 

Finally, we loaded the van up and headed out.  We had to make a detour back when I realized I’d forgotten my wedding rings.  I took them off when I made my North Pole Breakfast.   We enjoyed Thanksgiving leftovers with my sister’s family, my mom, and my niece and listed to five girls laugh.  Then, I fell asleep in my brother’s old bedroom with my big girl right beside me and my little girl camping with her cousins down the hall. 

This morning, our elf found us here (apparently her tracking skills work even when we’re two states away from home!)

I can remember the days where I pretty much did the same thing all day every day.  Those days are long gone, I think!

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