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Unexpected {December Daily 2012 | Day 29}

This morning there were eight people and two dogs in our tiny house.  By 6:00 p.m., there were two people and one dog.  The silence, while nice, was deafening at times!

My sister and her family left this morning.  I was so sad to see them go, but we’ll see them in Memphis is just a few weeks.  Around noon, my phone beeped with a text.  It was one of my friends asking if Gracie could come and spend the night with her little girl.  Gracie was thrilled, so we packed her little crocheted backpack that my sister made her and loaded up her blankets and doll.  While we were waiting for her friend to arrive, I went and took a quick shower.  As I was finishing up, I heard Steve talking to another adult.  When I got into the living room, I saw another friend; she and  her daughter had stopped by on their bikes to see if Abigail could come and play and spend the night.  Abigail was jumping up and down with excitement.  So, we sent her off on her new banana bike and princess helmet with her friend.  Gracie’s friend arrived shortly thereafter.

After I closed the door and watched Gracie drive away, I realized that this was the first time since Gracie was born that Steve and I were alone in our house without one or both of our children.  I know that sounds incredulous, but it’s true.  We don’t really have any family nearby that is able to keep both girls at night and honestly, since I became a mom, there’s really nowhere I’d rather be at night than at home with my babies.  But, this unexpected alone time was nice.

Steve & I actually had a couple of conversations that didn’t involve our children and then we went out to dinner at The Fisherman’s Corner.  We sat outside on their porch.  Even though it was really cold, they had space heaters and I had on my ear wrap that my sister made me, so it was comfortable.  The food was delicious but the company was even better. 

This picture is so bad on so many levels.  I get so frustrated with my iPhone camera sometimes!  Sometimes, it takes full size images that are acceptable for printing and sometimes, it just doesn’t.  I hate that it makes the decision for me and I have no control over it.  Okay, mini-rant over.  The point is, I actually took a picture of the two of us, out together. alone!


The moon was really pretty that night, too!  You can barely see it, but the bridge over the intracoastal waterway is right under the moon. 

I am so thankful for the unexpected together time that Steve and I had today!  Sometimes, I feel sad about how quickly the girls are growing up, but today, I realized that it’s not going to be all bad..

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